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Comforts of Home - Made with unrefined Shea butter, naturally colored with clays, and scented with Sandalwood.

Black Beauty Bath Bomb Reveal

Black Beauty Bath Bomb Reveal

We have created a gorgeous bath bomb made with activated charcoal, cocoa butter, rose petals and a blend of sea salts.  Weighing over 6 oz, this bath bomb is a special delight for serious bath bomb lovers.   

Our Shop has been updated with our latest handmade soaps, scrubs & more!

Why use handcrafted soaps?  Commercial brand soaps add detergents and other skin-drying ingredients that are not necessary.  They also remove the extra natural glycerin that is produced during the soap-making process and provides extra moisture for your skin.  Both of these processes leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.  

Our handmade soaps are different.  Made with natural oils and butters, our soaps leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

Quality handmade soaps, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs make great gifts for friends and family.  We offer a variety of cold-processed and hot-processed soaps, all made from natural oils and butters.  We offer selections using both fragrance oils and essentials oils.  All colorants are natural or cosmetic grade (skin-safe).  

Our bath salts and scrubs are made with the same quality ingredients, and just as much love and care.

Visit our shop and see what is currently available.  Check back often as we are always updating our selections. 

Don't see what you are looking for?  Reach out to us directly about requesting a custom order.

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