A Little Down Home Story...

Our Beginning


I have always enjoyed the creativity that comes from making handmade items.  The creations are always unique, heart-felt, and personal.  I enjoy many hobbies including quilting and sewing.  Soap-making had intrigued me for some time, and I must admit, I was a little hesitant to accept the challenge at first.  With some dedication, tons of research behind me, determination, and a wonderful, supportive family, my new adventure took shape.


I became completely hooked before our first batch of soap had even cured!  We waited in anticipation to try our new creation.  Living in a house full of men, the teasing about soap was relentless.  I think I heard every "soap joke" imaginable.  They truly thought I was crazy for wanting to make soap.   

Finally testing day came!  My husband was the most impressed.  He has always struggled with dry, itchy skin.  I convinced him to try our Lost Forest Soap.  He was amazed how nice his skin felt afterwards. For the first time, his skin didn't feel irritated after a shower.  He was my first fan, and always my #1 fan.  Our teenage boys bravely volunteered, and now they have their favorite soaps as well.  One of our sons, Benjamin, has even become my fair/festival partner, and attends every show with me.  

So what started as a challenging hobby turned into something so much more for our family.   We have truly come to appreciate the value in handcrafted bath products, and thankful that we now have soaps and bath products that are free from harsh, drying detergents and chemicals that are harmful and damaging to our bodies.  This fact was such a motivator for us to start this adventure - first for ourselves, our families, and then to share with everyone.  

It brings us such joy that we are able to share our creations with you. So from our home to yours....We hope you enjoy our handcrafted products as much as we do!

-- Monica Sanchez